Beautiful photographs deserve a beautiful home.

At XHIBY we are strong supporters of art and creativity. Not only by name, but most certainly by trade! XHIBY co-founder Annet de Graaf is – besides her work for XHIBY – an established and creative photographer who uses her iPhone – what else – to create visually compelling stories about her hometown of Amsterdam. In cooperation with “Stadsdeel Oost” she initiated the “People of the Park”-project to tell the stories of the Oosterpark’s “inhabitants” and random visitors, thus creating a truly unique and intimate document of one of the most beautiful parks in the Netherlands.

And what better place to showcase these stories in their own app! A minimal design approach ensures the images and stories take a central place and our state of the art image caching technique contributes to a smooth user experience.

Hopefully the idea catches on, and we can extend this app to a true community app where photographers from across the globe can share their visions of their favorite parks.

Stay tuned!!

People of the Park website

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